Jan-Willem Nes

Digital Designer at Elastique

A creative geek that loves to work on meaningful projects. Making someone happy by creating or improving an experience gives me energy. Through a ten year long pursuit of my interest in design, I have acquired a vast skillset in visual-, user experience- and motion design.

Jan-Willem Nes

My Path

A brief overview of my experience and education.

2021 - present


Solving digital challenges as a Digital Designer at Elastique. Creating seamless user experiences and building Design Systems.

2014 - 2021

Motion Stories

Starting as an independent motion designer. Initially to create visually appealing and clear video productions, currently doing various design work.

2014 - 2018

Communication and Multimedia Design

Becoming a digital designer. Learning about visual design, user experience, frontend, research, data and ethics.


Netrex Internet Solutions

I joined the people at Netrex and worked on my graduation project for people with a mental or physical disability.

2017 - 2018


Six month internship as digital designer at digital agency Pixelindustries in Haarlem.

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IAM Core

I worked a full year for study association IAM Core as a boardmember. My role was head of PR and I was responsible for all communications, designs and the internship market.



Two and half month internship as a designer at creative agency BrandBase in the Amsterdam office.

2011 - 2014

MBO Graphic Design and Animation

The start to become a designer. Learning basic design principles and industry standard software.