China Files & Shell Papers

Follow the Money

I worked on two video productions for the investigative journalism of Follow the Money: The China Files and the Shell Papers.

Date 2021
Role(s) Illustration + Motion Design
Illustration Amstelcampus HvA

China Files

Soon China will run the biggest economy of the world. This leaves democratic countries worried, as China is known for violating human rights. With it's most recent actions for suppressing the Uyghur minority, western countries claim to suspect genocide. This is motive for Follow the Money to launch a new file about the ties between China and the Netherlands.

In just three days, me and Rinus Bot put together a video to promote the launch of the new China Files.

Sketch Johan Cruijff Arena Sketch Amstelcampus HvA Illustration Amstelcampus HvA Illustration Johan Cruijff Arena

Shell Papers