Medezeggenschap HvA

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Students and employees at the AUAS get to vote for participative decision making. To increase the amount of voters I created an animation that hopefully clarifies how participative decision making works at the AUAS.

Date 2019
Role(s) Visual Design + Motion Design
Illustration Amstelcampus HvA


I tried to replicate the architecture of familiar buildings of AUAS-locations and the Johan Cruijff Arena. This project features a combination of flat- and isometric illustrations.

Sketch Amstelcampus HvA Sketch Johan Cruijff Arena Illustration Amstelcampus HvA Illustration Johan Cruijff Arena Illustration people Illustration car & truck


The final video hits the mailboxes of all AUAS students and employees pretty often to increase awareness about participative decision making.