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Now known as PXL.Widgets

These are some highlighted projects during a 6 month internship at digital agency Pixelindustries. Not all projects can be publicly displayed.

Date 2017
Role(s) Intern Digital Designer
CMD Alumni Diner


Alias is a recruitment organisation that strives to find the best people for your business. They have well-trained employees with many years of experience. During this project I've worked on the style and design for the website.

Alias Alias Alias Alias

Style and digital elements for Hittech

My assignment was to create a new visual style for Hittech. I look into matching fonts, colors, a photographic style and how it could be applied in a website. The goal was to create a style that is refreshing, but also preserves the recongnizability of Hittech.

Hittech Hittech Hittech Hittech

Ecoboats Amsterdam

Renting a boat in Amsterdam completely running on electricity, it's possible with ecoboats! I did the design and website. Logo by Isabel Felice.

Ecoboats-1 Ecoboats-4 Ecoboats-2 Ecoboats-3


A sparkling wine available by Baarsma Wines. I made promotion materials such as a floor sticker, wobbler and instruction papers for supermarkets to promote the release of the new Canei bottles.

Canei Canei

Internal work

Whenever I didn't work on client projects I took internal projects ranging from social media content to designing a roll up banner for job markets.

Endeavour nieuwjaarsborrel Endeavour event PXL wintersport PXL rolbanner