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Communication and Multimedia Design

After graduating at CMD I got to design content for the social media channels, annual Golden Dot Awards and much more. Awesome things happen at CMD and it's time to tell the stories!

Date 2020-current
Role(s) Visual Design, Motion Design
CMD Campagnes

Online campaigns

Due to the drastic measures caused by COVID-19, universities are forced to engage with their students online. We had to take the communications online to encourage potential students to sign up for online orientation days and enroll for CMD. Below one of the many creations used online.

Have some vitamine CMD!

Digital design interns from CMD Amsterdam: fresh, energized and ready to learn and do good work! The year 2020 has seen a decline in internship opportunities for students. This is troublesome and may lead to a delay in their study progression and eventually also raises their study debt. I worked on a small campaign aimed at the CMD network and relations to promote the importance of internships. With possible lack of energy and productivity during these times in mind, we came up with vitamine CMD!

Designs for social media

The CMD social media channels have become a place for student stories, practical information and positivity. There's alot more of my creations to be seen on the @cmdamsterdam Instagram page and the followers seem to enjoy them, so make sure to look around!

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Next steps... a design & content team

Our next goal is to create content on a more personal level coming from students and lecturers. Therefore we recruited a team of CMD students as in-house content creators to help keep the content flowing. Their skills range from design, video-/photography to writing small articles. A small editorial office is also formed as students are already working on their first assignments. If you'd like to read more about the recruitment process, click here.


Promo CMD

In collaboration with Mattijs Blekemolen.