IAM Core

Study Association CMD Amsterdam

As head of PR of IAM Core in 2017 I was responsible for promotion and external communication. This includes poster designs and photo-/videography. I also organised the job market for internships called 'stagediving' and launched the merchandise.

Date 2017-2018
Role(s) Visual Design, Photography, Film
IAM Core


All events were equipped with poster designs that were spread around the school and on our socials. This is just a small collection of the ones I made.

IAM Core studiereis IAM Core game avond IAM Core halloween poster IAM Core boardgames avond


The popularity and tradition for annual wintersport sweaters inspired us to launch a merchandise. A possibility for the members to support us even more and a potentially look for sponsorships. During my time at IAM Core I made two designs for wintersports and one for regular sales. On top of this we did a little shoot to promote the launch.

Design Val Thorens Wintersport 2018 Design Val Thorens Wintersport 2017 Design merchandise IAM Core Merchandise Shoot #1 Merchandise Shoot #2 Merchandise Shoot #3 Merchandise Shoot #4 Merchandise Shoot #5

Photo & Film: study trip Lisbon, Portugal

IAM Core organises study trips and bureau visits across different countries. I've captured the trip to Lisbon in 2018 in photo and video.